Monday, January 31, 2011

I Heart faces Favorite face jan picture!

at work so I didnt have my photo program to do anything special,
this is not touched up at all, but I love his eyes here! its hard to get brown eyes to sparkle! & his are totally untouched here! :) and that little gap in his teeth! good thing they are baby teeth... and his eyelashes! I just love my little turtle! :)

I missed the cut off time for entry by 9 mins! They closed it a bit early :( boohoo, Oh well. :(
It wasnt the best picture anyways. but of course I think it is, just because he is my little turtle and I love him so! :)

Riley said I can take pictures of him on Wed! I'm excited.
Hopefully the Giant bump and Bruise on his head will be gone by then!

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