Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pictures needed a home of their own...

So.... this blog...

Drum Roll Please!..............

Will be Pictures!!!! ......what? your not shocked? or amazed? even the slightest?

Well, I'm learning how to take amazing photos (learning)
My hubby got me a great camera, that I love & I have really cute kids!!

I work.. what seems like all the time! But when I dont I love to take pictures, and try new things..

I named this Crazy Daisy.. because, My husband brought me flowers a few days ago, and he said " I knew they were perfect for you because they have your name on them".. I looked and they were called Crazy Daisy.. & I thought.. wow, that does fit me pretty well.

So here I will be posting my submissions for the weekly photography contests. I dont expect to win, But I do expect to get better, and its a great way to keep me motivated..

I do take perfect pictures!!.. Of dead bodies and crime scenes. :) Since thats the business i'm in, (or) still in school for. But taking pictures of moving babies and getting that perfect shot, is a bit different.

So if you stumble upon my blog, or.. have been here before

Welcome! I hope you take a look around, stay awhile or leave a comment if you see something you like! :)

Have a Fantastic day!

This was my best photo of the week. I love it! he was so interested in eating the grass.. silly turtle

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. Good for you! Keep shooting! You have a little cutie there!