Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trying to take Vday pics for my hubby's surprise.. fail..

My goal today was to take some pics of the boys with Valentines Day (kinda) theme. Because I got mike race car tickets and wanted to do something fun with them... Grrr...

Riley refused to change his orange shirt, with a different color, but it does look nice on him.
& I have to admit this picture is cool! Its nearly 3D.. :)

For some reason.. I took 30 great shots.... but they were all BLURRY! :( I was so sad, and of course they didnt look burry when I took them, and I couldnt remember what setting I was on..
Since I was trying to keep both boys in the shots, or trying to get their attention.
so.. here is what I came up with...

Sad this came out soooo blurry,, even if the LOVE came out crisp it would have worked.. Boooo

Kinda like this one....

I think I'll have to try again next week.. :p I'll work on it.
Granted, it was spurr of the moment, I didnt plan very well, not the best time of day for light, but I think I got a few good shots in there.


brotherly Love..

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