Saturday, February 26, 2011

I heart faces! & Toes

This weeks challenge is
Anything But a face.. :)

So I decided to take pictures of my two other favorite parts of my dearest baby, who is nearly 11 months now! :(

This is the one.. every line, every wrinkle every tiny toes.. I made. well.. Me, God and my hubby helped a bit I guess. :)

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Monday, February 21, 2011

My little Future Heroes.....

We had so much fun this week taking these pictures! & my 4 year old made the entire kitchen into a crime scene.. So when I go to bed in a few hours, I have to *Duck, then Hop* to get to my room.
He even Crime scene Taped the Fridge closed.... Bummer

I kinda wanted a cookie dough ice cream bar.. but it might be gods way of telling me Not to have one.
He Crime scene taped the Dishwasher closed too... I am Positive thats Gods way of telling me "Dont do the dishes!, Take the night off, you deserve it" :)
Here is one of my future Hero's

Sweet Shot Day

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival..
It was WAY out of my hubby's comfort zone. I am so Proud of him!
& this was out of My Comfort Zone.. I let Riley get a Sword..
He is old enough now, and I know I have to trust him with things like this.. But he was so so very happy, This is his first weapon. he is growing up so fast.. Took this picture in the parking lot, most the cars were gone, and the Sky Looked Amazing! & so did my big boy,
my other little future hero..
He wants to be a Fireman.. :) He can be whatever he wants! as Long as he doesnt chose to travel around with the Renaissance Festival selling swords and shields one day..

I love my little Blanket monsters :)
The Paper Mama

Turtle wasnt feeling good last night,
He NEVER sleeps unless he is in his bed, .. but last night, He had a slight fever, his cheeks were so pink, and his whole tiny body felt warm and he fell asleep on me, my sweet baby boy.


Have a great week! I cant wait to see everyone's pictures! :)

I heart Faces Cell Phone pic :)

The challenge this week is Cell Phone pic..
Even with a Smart phone, and with a 4mp camera, my camera is still not that great. I downloaded a phone app awhile ago, called vignette from android.
I love it :)
I love the options, and all the pics turn out like Art :)

Here is a pic of Me... Just me.. on my way to work
yes I took it while driving.. Sshhh.. Don't tell Oprah.. But at least I was stopped at a Red light, so I was only partially being dangerous.
I love how like cross-process shadows, and smooths everything out, & gives Me.. Mrs. whitey white, some color :)
This photo is not edited except changing the size a bit, and only using the camera app, to add the effect :)

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:) I'm about to check them all out myself!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Very best .25 cents I've ever spent

This picture cost me .25

Yes, my 4 year old charges me to take pictures of him, and then he argues down the "picture count"... This time I got 5 pictures for .25 and I got ONE good one, where they were both looking and smiling!! This is the first picture EVER! where that is happening well since Brady has been here for the last 10 months.... well worth the .25 :)

Sweet Shot Day

Here is my little sweet valentine, I dont know why but I LOVE this picture! There is something quite spectacular about blurr babies, peace and Love..
If you love the pic! :) Like I do, please go vote at Trendy Treehouse! I'm #54! :) leave a comment with the number, or a number of one of the other amazing pictures! :)

This makes me Crazy Happy! My two sweet boys, Love to play together! Even with a 4 year difference, & Riley always knows just how to make Brady laugh.. I heart them...


Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart Faces.. red Kisses

Turtles best friend in the whole World is Buzz Monkey.
We call Him Buzz Monkey because he was "born" At build a Bear..
he has a heart, and a monkey giggle, and my other son Riley picked out a Buzz Lightyear outfit for him to wear home. Well Riley Gave his Buzz Monkey to his baby brother for Christmas. and It was By Far his favorite gift.

He loves to wrestle with his friend and kiss "bite" his little monkey face.
& this special occation.. Buzz Monkey appears to have kissed him back a few times. Ok, well it was me.. I was leaving for work and didnt realize I would leave such a "mark" but when I realized it.. I figured I would just keep kiss'n

Go RED For WOmen week! :) I LOVE a good cause!
Check out others photos! and leave nice notes for people if you like their photos! It will make them smile

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dang it!!

I did it again.. How in the world do I keep missing the deadline to enter in I Heart Faces.. Im such a dork!
well.. Its not like I'm not busy.. work, school, home I always seem to be a couple of days late with everything..
But at least I know my faults.. maybe next week I can actually post this on time so I can actually enter the challenge. :)
But In the end, I had a great time with the kids trying to figure out something to do with hearts :)
Here's what I got.
& next week's challenge is Red!. So.. I could still these one of these :)

Happy Valentines day :)
I hope your sweetheart makes your day extra special! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happiness & Lashes..

Wildy happy! This makes me Happy! That natural Wild Hair,
I love having my very own LIVE cabbage patch kid!


Lashes, those lashes make me happY! They are gorgeous! and I'm jealous.. if these two boys were made by Me!.. why dont I have those long dark lashes?.

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This is my favorite shot of the week, he kinda looks scared, but I love how it turned out :)

Sweet Shot Day

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Horned Potato

I was desperately seeking mac&cheese in the pantry yesterday, Throwing boxes and bags of rice around hoping to catch a wishful glimpse of that little blue box..

I found something more interesting, not as tasty of course but..

more like a science project I didnt even know I was partaking in..

Yes, its a potato, yes, it has horns.. yep.. nearly looks like those should be on a Deer.. Hope my brother in law doesnt attempt to shoot it.
I kinda like my little horned potato I think I'll name him "Spudly" and keep him.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Card contest! :)

I Love valentines day! ... my husband doesnt..
I get excited and giddy just thinking about the ones I love and I cant wait to get them chocolate to let them know I love them!! .. My husband doesnt feel the same way.. bummer....
But.. thats why people have kids right??.. To fill in the blanks in your life :) One day, my kids will be as excited about Valentines day as I am. :)
Here is my card..

Riley is starting the Valentines day excitement.. We were walking thru walmart and he said, "For valetines day mommy I'm going to get you those chocolates that you dont know what they are till you bite them." then he told me I was his Best girl :) & that is the sweetest Valentines gift I could ever want.
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The Paper Mama