Monday, February 21, 2011

I heart Faces Cell Phone pic :)

The challenge this week is Cell Phone pic..
Even with a Smart phone, and with a 4mp camera, my camera is still not that great. I downloaded a phone app awhile ago, called vignette from android.
I love it :)
I love the options, and all the pics turn out like Art :)

Here is a pic of Me... Just me.. on my way to work
yes I took it while driving.. Sshhh.. Don't tell Oprah.. But at least I was stopped at a Red light, so I was only partially being dangerous.
I love how like cross-process shadows, and smooths everything out, & gives Me.. Mrs. whitey white, some color :)
This photo is not edited except changing the size a bit, and only using the camera app, to add the effect :)

Click here to check out the other cell phone pics in this weeks challenge.
:) I'm about to check them all out myself!


  1. Very nice! Love the shadowing - very cool effect. I take pics at the stop light a lot usually of funny license plates (-:


  2. Cute photo. I am also guilty of photo-driving, lol!

  3. I think many of us may have taken a picture like this in the car :)

  4. I've done the same thing at red lights!

  5. nothing wrong with a little play time. :)