Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart Faces.. red Kisses

Turtles best friend in the whole World is Buzz Monkey.
We call Him Buzz Monkey because he was "born" At build a Bear..
he has a heart, and a monkey giggle, and my other son Riley picked out a Buzz Lightyear outfit for him to wear home. Well Riley Gave his Buzz Monkey to his baby brother for Christmas. and It was By Far his favorite gift.

He loves to wrestle with his friend and kiss "bite" his little monkey face.
& this special occation.. Buzz Monkey appears to have kissed him back a few times. Ok, well it was me.. I was leaving for work and didnt realize I would leave such a "mark" but when I realized it.. I figured I would just keep kiss'n

Go RED For WOmen week! :) I LOVE a good cause!
Check out others photos! and leave nice notes for people if you like their photos! It will make them smile

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