Monday, February 21, 2011

My little Future Heroes.....

We had so much fun this week taking these pictures! & my 4 year old made the entire kitchen into a crime scene.. So when I go to bed in a few hours, I have to *Duck, then Hop* to get to my room.
He even Crime scene Taped the Fridge closed.... Bummer

I kinda wanted a cookie dough ice cream bar.. but it might be gods way of telling me Not to have one.
He Crime scene taped the Dishwasher closed too... I am Positive thats Gods way of telling me "Dont do the dishes!, Take the night off, you deserve it" :)
Here is one of my future Hero's

Sweet Shot Day

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival..
It was WAY out of my hubby's comfort zone. I am so Proud of him!
& this was out of My Comfort Zone.. I let Riley get a Sword..
He is old enough now, and I know I have to trust him with things like this.. But he was so so very happy, This is his first weapon. he is growing up so fast.. Took this picture in the parking lot, most the cars were gone, and the Sky Looked Amazing! & so did my big boy,
my other little future hero..
He wants to be a Fireman.. :) He can be whatever he wants! as Long as he doesnt chose to travel around with the Renaissance Festival selling swords and shields one day..

I love my little Blanket monsters :)
The Paper Mama

Turtle wasnt feeling good last night,
He NEVER sleeps unless he is in his bed, .. but last night, He had a slight fever, his cheeks were so pink, and his whole tiny body felt warm and he fell asleep on me, my sweet baby boy.


Have a great week! I cant wait to see everyone's pictures! :)


  1. I just laughed out loud about how he could be whatever he long as he doesn't want to be a traveler and sell styrofoam swords! Funny. LOVE your blanket monsters to bits!

  2. Super cute photos! Thanks for visiting me and for your comment! :)

    By the way, saw that you live in do I, Mesa to be exact. Small world. :)

  3. Love your photos and your future heroes! They are adorable. Hope your wee one feels better soon. My granddaughter is one and she's fighting her first cold and fever. So rough on them!

  4. Fun photos! He is so handsome!

    Thank you for linking up! :)

  5. Hey Casey thank you for your comment on my little hero picture { I am just a mommy taking pictures of the ones I love so getting a comment made my day!!!} I adore your picture and your boys are super adorable! i am a new follower of yours :)

  6. Oh my gosh, these photos just keep getting better!! I adore the one in the caution tape. (I'm here from Leigh vs. Laundry :) )

  7. That first picture is so cute! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

  8. Fantabulous!!! What a beautiful family you have!

  9. That first picture is adorable... how fun! Great captures... great post!

  10. such darling photos & handsome boys!! loved stopping by your blog today. :) Rebecca

  11. Love these! They are all fabulous. I really love that first one!