Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Card contest! :)

I Love valentines day! ... my husband doesnt..
I get excited and giddy just thinking about the ones I love and I cant wait to get them chocolate to let them know I love them!! .. My husband doesnt feel the same way.. bummer....
But.. thats why people have kids right??.. To fill in the blanks in your life :) One day, my kids will be as excited about Valentines day as I am. :)
Here is my card..

Riley is starting the Valentines day excitement.. We were walking thru walmart and he said, "For valetines day mommy I'm going to get you those chocolates that you dont know what they are till you bite them." then he told me I was his Best girl :) & that is the sweetest Valentines gift I could ever want.
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The Paper Mama

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