Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't Help it....

I know I already shared this picture.. But I love it..  and it was between this one, and the mirror picture for the "slice of Life" at I heart faces this week,

But I love it, Its Vibrant! and real, and cute, and weird. and babies eat everything!.
Right after eating a cookie, Brady decided to see what a Balloon tasted like.   Not so great I am assuming, But I think he really enjoyed the -stretching... then the bang!- its made when he tried to bite the end off.


Snap & Share

I spent the majority of the night taking.. "Crime scene" Photos.. so boring.... No creativity at all, well except trying to come up with a crime scene theme :) So I used... an empty beer can, a positive "pregnancy" test, a wedding band, a (Toy) gun, and a bottle of pills, and some fake blood. oh and a baby monitor.. next to my bed on the table.. I figured it looked pretty "Jerry Springer"-ish so I hope I get a decent grade tomorrow in class. The next one we have to do is a Mock, personal injury scene.. where I have to take photo's of injury... Maybe My hubby will let me beat him for awhile, till we get a real good bruising :) If not I guess I can use old halloween makeup. Have a groovy day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love hands, a few years ago, when I went back to visit my family in Missouri, I only had those little disposable cameras, my battery died on my point and shoot. I took pictures of my grandpas, and grandmas hands, with mine.  I still havent gotten those developed yet! I wonder if they still have places to develop Film anymore since everything is digital.  

here is my hands picture.. my little sweetness,  I didnt crop out his head, lol  the picture ust turned out this way,  I was zoomed in to far and its just what came out, and sometimes the "oopsie" shots are some of the best  :) 

The Trendy Treehouse

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A little Slice Of Life....

I heart faces photo challenge this week is "a slice of life".. 
I chose this picture because..  Sometimes I forget how a little thing such as a mirror, can be entertainment to someone so new to the world around him.  Babies, Toddlers, Kids.. take time to stop and look at the world around them in a whole new light. Being moms, we have so much to do, such a busy schedule that sometimes we forget to do that.

Having Riley I thought I could Never love anything as much as I love him...  Then we had Brady "Turtle" and its Crazy how I can love them both with my whole heart!  They are my slice of life,  having Brady re-newed parenthood for us, and we began to see the world again.  I hope this time we always remember to see the beauty in the little things, and not get so caught up in everyday grownup life. 

Turtle... Learning about his world, and Discovering who he is..

Check out  I heart Faces for more amazing pictures! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

shoot and edit...

I've never tried this challenge before.  Mainly because I dont have photoshop,  I decided to try with my program, I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite, and it works well for me.  I cant do everything I want,  and since everyone uses photoshop there arent any "helpful hints" or tutorials.. But here goes  :) 

Here is  SOOC 

Here is my edit... 
.. what did I do?....
Hmmm. Well..  Ummm..  I forgot.. Lol,  I tried to remember to .. Remember what I did..  and after making dinner, giving the kids a bath, Humoring my hubby by listening to his "stories" watching American Idol 2 episodes..  I forgot..  :p
I know I was learning how to change the colors, and use the Blur... By making it brighter, and changing the purple-ish hues, it makes it pop :) and pretty. Yay 

Here are a bunch of other pictures I took, and was playing with my editting stuff.  I think some of them turned out great! :) 

Practice Run... Cupcakes

For the boys birthday we are doing a "rainbow" Bright colors Birthday party :) Allot of my talented fellow bloggers did them for St, Patty's day.. and I wanted to do some tye-dye rainbow cupcakes! My friend Tammy let me barrow her mini-cupcake maker! Its really cute! and makes 7 mini cupcakes in 5 mins!

I watch DC cupcakes, and I attempted their swirl.. Lol, it was harder then I thought, but I got a few of them right :)

I kinda made my own flavor.. I took a jar of cherries, poured the juice in the batter,
then I put half of a cherry in the middle.. this one looks like a heart, not planned but looks groovy

The Trendy Treehouse

then topped it with some reg white batter. then a dab of cherry batter again on top.
baked it...

then topped it with a cherry..
Only one of my Many versions of Sweet! :)

Holy-YummO! they were great! Totally making these for the party :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick post!

So much to do...

Very little time..

But as I was editting my pics for the boys birthdays today..
I knew I had to post quick for the green challenge!

I wish I would have finished the scavenger hunt this week! But I ran out of time :( This would be great for imperfections too.

The Paper Mama

the simple things..
Grandpa Kisses :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Im so excited!! this is the first time I have been able to finish all the things in the scavenger hunt! & before the deadline!

Here goes! :)

1. Vanishing point.. I had two great shots, my hubby liked this one better...

2. Square Crop

3. Under

Since he cant stand by himself yet, he makes a bridge.. then peaks under his legs.. :) Its cute
Photography love...

4. Welcome to the Jungle

5. Calm

Its a rare occation when this almost 5 year old is Calm.. during daylight hours anyways..

Yay! this was my goal this week, and I finished it! well, this and cleaning the houe a little bit! Hopefully tomorrow I can do my vlog to upload on wed! I dont want to miss the deadline again this week.
Glad I took a couple of days off this week!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sun Flare

I love sun flares, I think they make a picture look Dreamy, and summerish..  & 1970's

I took some great ones of Brady at the park a few weeks ago

I heart faces challenge this week is Sun FLARE!  Im excited!  

It was so hard to pic my favorite one!   He was so mesmerized by the ducks! I couldnt get him to look at me.

To check out more sun flares,  click here! :) yay!

Thanks for stopping by! :) Have a groovy day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

This week has been So tough! & its not over yet. :(
Today (thurs) is the only day this week I didnt have to go to work. & I have school

Eventhough its only working a couple hours extra everynight, It has a HUGE impact on my life. SO much less sleep, & when Im only gettin at most 5 hours a night, less sleep is NOT ideal

Of course I did take a few pictures Here and There, when my eyes were open,

and then, she {snapped}

I am so so very shocked! He didnt pop the thing, I saw him doing it from across the room, and grabbed my camera quick! He gave up a few tries later.

This was blk and white.. for blk and white wed..
But I couldnt help but to add some color..
I love how my little Turtle holds his bottle with his feet.. Crazy kid

the long road

This is My other favorite Cookie shot, besides the one in the previous post.. Which is perfect to me.. ang I kind think it should be on the front of the Gerber cookie bag itself. :) I love his little fingers.. hmm.. need to cute his nails soon.


& Because My week was so busy at work.. I missed linking up to the Vlog this week at the Paper mama, Boo.. Oh well I will have to try harder to get it in on time next week..
Its ok.. My vlog kinda sucked this week. .. bad lighting..but the kids were in it. Boring room..
If You want I might upload it anyways.