Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't Help it....

I know I already shared this picture.. But I love it..  and it was between this one, and the mirror picture for the "slice of Life" at I heart faces this week,

But I love it, Its Vibrant! and real, and cute, and weird. and babies eat everything!.
Right after eating a cookie, Brady decided to see what a Balloon tasted like.   Not so great I am assuming, But I think he really enjoyed the -stretching... then the bang!- its made when he tried to bite the end off.


Snap & Share

I spent the majority of the night taking.. "Crime scene" Photos.. so boring.... No creativity at all, well except trying to come up with a crime scene theme :) So I used... an empty beer can, a positive "pregnancy" test, a wedding band, a (Toy) gun, and a bottle of pills, and some fake blood. oh and a baby monitor.. next to my bed on the table.. I figured it looked pretty "Jerry Springer"-ish so I hope I get a decent grade tomorrow in class. The next one we have to do is a Mock, personal injury scene.. where I have to take photo's of injury... Maybe My hubby will let me beat him for awhile, till we get a real good bruising :) If not I guess I can use old halloween makeup. Have a groovy day!


  1. Ha! i love that picture. Super cute. ;) thanks for linking up!! i love your blog look, it's so cute. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness. This picture is
    SO great! I can just imagine how surprised he was when it broke! EEEEK! Hope you have a wonderful week! Love, Becky