Monday, March 7, 2011

Gentlemen.. Start your Engines!

Race day...

Its a Very popular day at our house, & If tony doesnt win or at least come close.. its a tragedy in our house..

Riley's following in his daddy's foot steps, and is also a tony fan. he loves race cars.

He even said Tony Stewart would beat lightning Mcqueen in a race!..

I love sundays,.. usually
I lay around the house, do some cleaning, make dinner, and play with the kids. My father in law usually comes over, :) watches the race, or football with Michael, then we snuggle on the couch and watch Desperate Housewives!.. yes we love that show, and are both addicted to it.

I got partially jipped out of my sunday night this time. Stuck at work, but.. it will make Next sunday even sweeter!

I was gunna take a picture of me and my hubby snuggling on the couch..
But Lord knows No one wants to see me in my "jammies" or lack there of, Lol
So here are a few more of Riley Playing :)
I H e a r t H i m :) He makes me smile.


  1. Love seein kids play they look so innocent!

  2. I have a three year old who is TOTALLY into his race cars these days. Carries around a tub of Matchbox cars and races them, crashes them... Anyway - great pics. So sweet!

  3. Great shots!
    I love Desperate Housewives, too.

  4. Now those are cool streets! I love it! I miss playing with my grandson on one of those rugs with his little cars. I had so much fun playing with him too.
    But they live far away and are growing up fast.
    Great capture of your son playing.
    Im here from Twisted Fate street challenge.

  5. LOVE these! Very creative!

    Thank you for linking up! :)

  6. Absolutely adorable! All of these photos are so cute, but I especially love the first one.

  7. very cute, love your take on "street view"