Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love hands, a few years ago, when I went back to visit my family in Missouri, I only had those little disposable cameras, my battery died on my point and shoot. I took pictures of my grandpas, and grandmas hands, with mine.  I still havent gotten those developed yet! I wonder if they still have places to develop Film anymore since everything is digital.  

here is my hands picture.. my little sweetness,  I didnt crop out his head, lol  the picture ust turned out this way,  I was zoomed in to far and its just what came out, and sometimes the "oopsie" shots are some of the best  :) 

The Trendy Treehouse


  1. This is cute! I love the point of view of this shot!

  2. So cute - love the little hint of a smile.

  3. this is a good ahot I juat love it

  4. stupid keyboard I meant this is a good shot I just love it :)