Wednesday, March 2, 2011

*Self Portrait*

Show: This is Me, just a goofball

Tell: nourish

Laugher, and being outside! The sun, In past years I am done my best to stay out of the sun, but this year I am embracing it! (for a few more months before the 115 degree Az weather) The warmth is relaxing on a spring day, and I love watching the boys play outside. It makes me happy :)

I had set up my tripod outside, and had my 4 year old push the button :) He wanted to, he was trying to make me laugh, and I was mocking his silly faces. we had fun, & enjoyed the outside for awhile.
I heart paper heart camera :)
Photography love...
& PG ponderings!


  1. beautiful self portrait. love your choice of b&w.

  2. Beautiful selfie - and I agree...the black and white processing is gorgeous.