Thursday, March 24, 2011

shoot and edit...

I've never tried this challenge before.  Mainly because I dont have photoshop,  I decided to try with my program, I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite, and it works well for me.  I cant do everything I want,  and since everyone uses photoshop there arent any "helpful hints" or tutorials.. But here goes  :) 

Here is  SOOC 

Here is my edit... 
.. what did I do?....
Hmmm. Well..  Ummm..  I forgot.. Lol,  I tried to remember to .. Remember what I did..  and after making dinner, giving the kids a bath, Humoring my hubby by listening to his "stories" watching American Idol 2 episodes..  I forgot..  :p
I know I was learning how to change the colors, and use the Blur... By making it brighter, and changing the purple-ish hues, it makes it pop :) and pretty. Yay 

Here are a bunch of other pictures I took, and was playing with my editting stuff.  I think some of them turned out great! :) 


  1. beautiful.. and the sunburst in the second shot after the shoot and edit button rcks!

  2. sunflowers are amazing flowers!

  3. So pretty, I love sunflowers!! Thanks for linking up!!