Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It was so hard to pic my very favorite swing picture!
When I was little.. ok.. 19 years old. :) It was the way I got away from the world. My hubby knew when I was stressed out, he could find me at the park... Swinging...

I love that my children love it,
Here is my favorite. well one of them
I love that you can see both faces, and Riley was excited to push turtle on his baby swing
The Trendy Treehouse

Click here to visit this Awesome site!! and see more swing pictures! :)
A few of my other favorites coming up..

This was my Simple Beauty this weeks The Paper Mama challenge
My sweet boy, who will be grown out of these baby swings in No time! I love that he is spy'ing on me taking pictures of him, and I love that I can see his little poof of hair at the top. he is my simply Beautiful turtle, and I wouldnt change a thing about him.
But I changed my mind.. and decided to go with another one, at the bottom.
but linking up to.. sat photoshare! :) there are some awesome pics already, click here to take a look!

One last one...
My Simply Beautiful Turtle :)
He is perfect, all babies are, especially the ones that steal your heart..
The Paper Mama

Sweet Shot Day

He loved the swing!.. at first he was all smiles.. then it turned to a calm face, like he was completely relaxed, when I took him out

He cried...

We will go again tomorrow my love :)


  1. Gosh, look at those gorgeous eyes, I love it!

  2. That first shot is wonderful. :)

    Marla @

  3. soo cute! I love the last one! beautiful face!

  4. I love each and every one of them, thanks for posting :)

  5. very nice, I am going to have to start asking you to take my photos, since I simply dont have the time or the creative mind anymore.

  6. CUTE!! i especially love the 3rd one from the bottom -- he looks like he is thinking about doing something mischevious!! :)

  7. These are such fabulous captures! I especially like the fourth one-such creative use of perspective!