Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

This week has been So tough! & its not over yet. :(
Today (thurs) is the only day this week I didnt have to go to work. & I have school

Eventhough its only working a couple hours extra everynight, It has a HUGE impact on my life. SO much less sleep, & when Im only gettin at most 5 hours a night, less sleep is NOT ideal

Of course I did take a few pictures Here and There, when my eyes were open,

and then, she {snapped}

I am so so very shocked! He didnt pop the thing, I saw him doing it from across the room, and grabbed my camera quick! He gave up a few tries later.

This was blk and white.. for blk and white wed..
But I couldnt help but to add some color..
I love how my little Turtle holds his bottle with his feet.. Crazy kid

the long road

This is My other favorite Cookie shot, besides the one in the previous post.. Which is perfect to me.. ang I kind think it should be on the front of the Gerber cookie bag itself. :) I love his little fingers.. hmm.. need to cute his nails soon.


& Because My week was so busy at work.. I missed linking up to the Vlog this week at the Paper mama, Boo.. Oh well I will have to try harder to get it in on time next week..
Its ok.. My vlog kinda sucked this week. .. bad lighting..but the kids were in it. Boring room..
If You want I might upload it anyways.


  1. I love the second balloon photo!

  2. I love the balloon shots. :)

    Marla @

  3. You are quite busy! Love the first shot for some reason. The tones are really nice.