Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just sharing :)

Its getting Hot in Arizona!

I failed to plant my garden this year :(
I have been a SAHM for 3 days now, and havent gotten anything done..
I danced around the kitchen a little, and I took the trash out...
I made dinner twice.. One was great.. one was HORRIBLE! the first time I have ever actually followed a recipe to a T! and it was dry and gross..
we all had Ramon noodles instead.
Here are a few pics from this week

This is my son Riley.. He is 5 years old now!! That seems crazy to me,
& he is crazy to me,or at least his hair is :)  I need to cut it.
 5 years old, has got to be better then 3 and 4 were.
I Love this picture of Riley.. :) It fits his personality Perfect!

Here is our Pet :) He is a turtle, but on full moons.. He turns into a puppy :) I realize this is a supppper huge stretch for a "pet" in this weeks challenge.. but.. He is and always will be our Turtle.. but he makes a cute puppy too. :) (poor kid is gunna hate me when he is older)

He likes sticks....

and he will even fetch :)

and then, she {snapped}

I couldnt decided if I liked the color, or the black and whites better.. what do you think?. :)

the long road


I beat my husband yesterday :)

well ok.. it was for my class assignment and its just makeup, but he was a trooper letting me "abuse" him for my injury documentation assignment on my crime scene photography class :)
I cant wait till school is over!! Just a few more weeks. yay

This almost looks like real blood huh..

My teacher told me how to make it, great for halloween later.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Winner of my first giveaway!! :) and some pictures

Its been a busy 2 weeks..

I am soo Behind!! But Finally I found an online random number generator! :) Yay,
The winner is.. # 5
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Which is Amy! :)    You should be recieving your glass heart art soon! :)   I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for entering! 

The 2nd winner.. is 30% off any item at bentglassartstudio!  by this neat-o random draw the winner is..
# 7  Jessi  :) 
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Jessi! Congrats! I hope you find something you like on the sites! and I will get in touch with you soon and give you more information! :)   mothers day is right around the corner,  :) 

Easter! Today is easter!!.. Oh well thats a lie, yesterday tech was easter, since its after midnight! :)

We had a good time relaxing with the family.
Here is my nephew kingston playing with a ball after easter dinner :)

The Trendy Treehouse

My niece Gracee

The Paper Mama

& my niece Harlee

Riley..  had a good day, we had so much fun together!  I think me being home more often lately has had a positive effect.  yay!

Turtle had fun too! chewing on everything in site like a puppy,  we call him a billy goat! because he eats everything,  :) 

Happy Easter everyone!! :)

Happy Monday!! :)
Here are my little ones.. siblings.. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Days.. Lovely Thoughts...

The days have been so busy! .. I didnt think it would take so much time, so much energy and so much planning to get ready to quit my job... Mentally I think I am struggling, But Maybe its because.. I'm just waiting.. waiting till next Saturday for my last day.. So I can start my Life! :)   Figure out what kind of SAHM I wanna be, and start enjoying everyday with my family.

Here are some pictures from Turtle's birthday, we went to the snow! :) Awe.. the memories!

Blue-  Trendy Treehouse.. :) 

The Trendy Treehouse

me and my boys :)

LooK! A picture that Riley is actually Happy to be in, and a genuine smile :) I suppose this will get harder as he gets older, So I will take every moment I can get!


If you havent yet.... go to my last posting and enter to win a Beautiful piece of art :) Its SO easy :) and you just might win!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

My First Giveaway!! & fun photo challenges!! & Some life changing news!

Wanna know more about the above picture??...
Visit my Family Blog
On to the GOOD Stuff!

I couldnt be more Excited about hosting my First Giveaway!

BentGlassArtStudio is hosting this amazing giveway,
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On to the Challenges!! :) 
We went to the Snow! the official Last Snow of the season anywhere around me! Guaranteed, since it reached 100 degrees last week, and then this week we got rain, and about 3 hours away in Flagstaff they had snow.
This is my Child... He is funny..
See that spot of Snow on the center of his forehead?... That was ME! Having FUN!! I think throwing snowballs is the only "ok" reason to throw something at your childs head without people judging you. & maybe empty lightweight tupperware when that said child is being a..."Hemroid" -AKA- pain in your butt. :) It was a challenge trying to take snow day pictures while a 5 year old is tossing snowballs at you.


Faith @ Simplicity challenge this week is = two
Two Flags..

She offers online photography classes, and her photo's are Beautiful! I look forward to taking one within the next few months!

The Paper Mama is one of my favorite places to visit everyday, her challenge this week is = black and white :)

The Paper Mama

The simple things...
Our Turtle.. dressed as a little bear.. His First Snow, on His first Birthday.. Those are the moments I will remember.. Always

and then, she {snapped}

ahhh the linky is broken..

April SHowers... Happy Monday People!