Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo challenges, & Great News!

Great News!

Next week.

. Most likely on Wed or Thurs..

I will be having my First Ever Giveaway! :) I am so excited.
Be Sure to come back and to visit both of my Blogs to Enter! More Information to come! :)

The paper mama challenge is = Surprise!.. Good? bad? I dunno But I sure caught Brady in this "Surprise" moment, he looks kinda scared!, but beautiful  and like the Gerber baby :) 

The Paper Mama
Photography love...

Live Every Moment challenge is = Anything! :) Yay! I have the perfect picture for this. well, because I am not really sure what other catagory it fits in. I took this at the park Sunday, its my nephew running toward my sister in law.. I just love everything about it.

Trendy Treehouse!! :) Challenge this week is = Self Portrait
This was tough!, but I took this close up shot when I was being goofy and happy,& Super Cheesy!
                      Is just what I am

 What you cant see in the photo is... I am wearing a tiara :) (it came on top of my Birthday Cake my 4 year old son picked out for me) Sometimes you just need to have tiara days, even if they are cheap $1 ones, and even if you wear them while doing dishes, or laundry..

The Trendy Treehouse

I love those super happy days, They make those crappy days all worth it,
Today, was a super Crappy day.. but.. I bet tomorrow will be much better.


  1. Every girl needs a tiara. Love the self portrait and you can't go wrong with black and white.

  2. I love that second shot. Beautiful.And great selfie!

  3. You should have included the tiara! Lovely self portrait. And thanks for your kind comments!

  4. Those are great! Your "anything" shot is sweet and beautiful! Great Capture!

  5. Such a great pic of the toddler...well, toddling.

  6. Wonderful captures!
    Love these!

    Spring glow

  7. Great shots, love your nephew running! So so cute! Love your selfie too!