Monday, April 25, 2011

The Winner of my first giveaway!! :) and some pictures

Its been a busy 2 weeks..

I am soo Behind!! But Finally I found an online random number generator! :) Yay,
The winner is.. # 5
Enter a lower limit: 
Enter an upper limit: 
Random Number:

Which is Amy! :)    You should be recieving your glass heart art soon! :)   I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for entering! 

The 2nd winner.. is 30% off any item at bentglassartstudio!  by this neat-o random draw the winner is..
# 7  Jessi  :) 
Enter a lower limit: 
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Jessi! Congrats! I hope you find something you like on the sites! and I will get in touch with you soon and give you more information! :)   mothers day is right around the corner,  :) 

Easter! Today is easter!!.. Oh well thats a lie, yesterday tech was easter, since its after midnight! :)

We had a good time relaxing with the family.
Here is my nephew kingston playing with a ball after easter dinner :)

The Trendy Treehouse

My niece Gracee

The Paper Mama

& my niece Harlee

Riley..  had a good day, we had so much fun together!  I think me being home more often lately has had a positive effect.  yay!

Turtle had fun too! chewing on everything in site like a puppy,  we call him a billy goat! because he eats everything,  :) 

Happy Easter everyone!! :)

Happy Monday!! :)
Here are my little ones.. siblings.. :)


  1. Thanks! Great pics, looks like you all enjoyed eachother.

  2. Really cute Easter photos! Looks like they were having fun!

  3. That is too cute with him kissing his nose like that.

  4. Cute photos! Thanks for linking up! :)