Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Crazy Kid and His Crazy Faces!

My son is a Drama King.. Everything about him in Over the Top! Im sure he is destined to be an Actor someday, Like Jim Carey..
Its a rare occation when I can get him to sit, smile and look at the camera at the same time!.. This wasnt one of those moements, although there is one down below :) 
His Crazy Face

The Trendy Treehouse

He was playing outside.. I was just doing my Motherly Duty and taking pictures of him growing up.. I get he was just to Busy for me..
This is his. "No pictures Please, Im just to busy" Moment :p


I got a few good ones :) then he told me to get out of his play house.

This is that Rare moment I was talking about... He sure is a handsome kid

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Casey @ CrazyDaisy

Yellow! I heart Faces

Love this picture of my son Riley,  He is crazy and Loves to wear my glasses everywhere, If they arent in my purse, they are on his little curly head somewhere.. He isnt a fan of the sun,. But he does love Yellow :) 

I heart Faces challenge this week is Yellow :)   go here to see more amazing photo's! and done forget to leave comments for people if you Like their pictures! :)   Bloggers Love comments :) 
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Monday, May 9, 2011

A few pictures from this week

Happy Monday!! 

Green...  Took some Prom/Senior pictures this week,  It turned out great! eventhough it was 96 degrees outside! I am Not ready for this Heat yet.

Here are a few other of my favorite pictures I took of Mariah :)   her date bailed on her :(   Boys Are Mean.

Mothers Day!  :) We had a nice time, My brother in law made us dinner :)  He did a great job! :) 
Mothers day isnt just about. Mothers.. Its about Grandmothers too...  & their grandbabies who Love them so much.

The Trendy Treehouse

Paper Heart Camera  :)   Umbrella.. I love them, I think they look groovy! I want to get a bunch of different colors! Here is my favorite of Riley :)
Tell:    It sprinkled.. in Arizona last month  :)  It was nice,  This is the First umbrella I have ever had, since we dont use it much here. Riley had a blast in the rain.. for about 10 mins, then it stopped :( 

Photography love...

I Heart faces.. & Motherhood


I had a few pictures in mind..
Until Mothers day, All I wanted in One good picture of me and my kids for mothers day.

I had the white paper taped to the side of the house because the day before I took Prom pictures for a lovely lady I know.

I thought! Great! Perfect timing, and just a few mins before we were leaving to go to my sister in laws house for dinner.

I set up the camera with my Handy Dandy auto shutter thingy.
get seated, "everyone Smile!", I click the shutter (5 sec delay) In this very important 5 seconds.. a Gush of wind blew our paper right down on Rileys head and Brady slid out of my hands leaving his tummy showing, but the camera didnt know not to take picture..
So this is what we got.. The only one...

NOT a flattering shot of me.. But an honest Motherly shot

Sometimes the wind will mess up your whole "perfect" moment..
But being a mom, you learn to laugh at these little moments, and just know that maybe "This" was the Perfect moment afterall.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Little backyard fun!

Turtle is just days away from 13 months now, I cant believe how the time if flying by! He is standing by humself now, and what I noticed is,
His Rug-burn! On his knees and his little feet! He is the speedist little turtle around, he is all over the house and of course into everything.
He thinks his big brother is the Funniest thing in the whole world!. All Riley has to do is look at him and say "dong" or some other normal word, and Brady just Cracks up laughing! Riley had his mouth full here, and Turtle was trying to poke it with a stick :)

We went outside to play, one "cooler" afternoon,

My little daredevil decided he would climb the slide and sit Right on the edge! I took him down, and he would get right back up! It nearly gave me Grey Hairs right there! everytime he moved or laughed, but he did not fall :)

We played with grass :)

and next week its suppose to be in the 100's already so we might get the baby pools out for some fun!

Here is Brady's dirty little crawling around feet! I love it! :)