Monday, May 9, 2011

I Heart faces.. & Motherhood


I had a few pictures in mind..
Until Mothers day, All I wanted in One good picture of me and my kids for mothers day.

I had the white paper taped to the side of the house because the day before I took Prom pictures for a lovely lady I know.

I thought! Great! Perfect timing, and just a few mins before we were leaving to go to my sister in laws house for dinner.

I set up the camera with my Handy Dandy auto shutter thingy.
get seated, "everyone Smile!", I click the shutter (5 sec delay) In this very important 5 seconds.. a Gush of wind blew our paper right down on Rileys head and Brady slid out of my hands leaving his tummy showing, but the camera didnt know not to take picture..
So this is what we got.. The only one...

NOT a flattering shot of me.. But an honest Motherly shot

Sometimes the wind will mess up your whole "perfect" moment..
But being a mom, you learn to laugh at these little moments, and just know that maybe "This" was the Perfect moment afterall.

I heart Faces.. Check out more Motherhood moments here..

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  1. Aaahh...... real life! I got one of those shots, too! :-)

  2. Lol - I wanted to take a pic with my kids for Mother's Day, too, but didn't get the chance. I love how the little guy's belly is hanging out :)

  3. yes that was the perfect moment! those that make memories.

  4. SO honest and true! :) Great outlook and I think the "Real" moments are the best! :)