Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo Challenges! :)

This is my best shot  :)   for the Best Shot Photo Challenge!

The Paper Mama

My boys.. playing in "our pool".. yeah thats right, we're cool, we have a Crab pool, lol :) It was 111 degrees today..

and then, she {snapped}

Theme: Anything :)
So I had to enter my Very favorite photo of the week..My sweet Son, first time in sprinklers.. He liked it at first.. then.. Just stood there for a few mins letting the water fall on his face. Then I got this face.. The.. I dont know if I want to cry face. eventhough its sad, its beautiful

the long road

Happiness.. as soon as my hubby walked outside.. these are the little faces I got.. Yay Daddy!!

Thanks to everyone at Trendy Treehouse!! I was photo #1 last week for the first picture here. I was so shocked I nearly peed my pants!  :)   There were so many amazing shots and I was Happy to be one of them :) 

Going on vacation next week!  Im so thankful we get to spend a week in Missouri,  where I hope it will be cooler! and I know there is so many awesome things to take pictures of! :) 

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Edit me!

This is the most fun I have had in a photo challenge lately! This is my first time trying it,
Its awesome to see how other people edit the same picture, it really brings out their person style and in the picture itself you learn a little more about the person. 

Here is the Original photo

and here is my Edit. for the challenge .. I love bright vivid-ness...hmm I dont think that is a real word...

and other one.. because I am indecisive.. Its a horrible trait. .. 

and because I like to have options.. lol  here is another..   :)  In case your having a "non-color" day.. usually I refer to this as my "I need ice cream" day :)

So Ran go quick! and grab this picture and have fun editting the heck out of it! and show us what you come up with :)   & the prize is so Cute! I've been wanting to make one.. so I can get my toddler to Look at the camera..  to see what I mean.. Click Below,

My Reflection of Something

I cant wait for next weeks! :) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo challenges.. Wind...Smiles...Macro Lashes!

Trendy Treehouse:  Wind 

Love this picture.. 

This is Olivia   Her hair was nearly weightless and kept blowing in the wind, so beautiful, lucky little miss

LEM: Smiles  ....  This was tough, there was so many to choose from. but this is the picture I am in Love with right now  :) 

Just Because..

doesnt he look like a "baby" Dick Tracey

I Heart that little belly button..

This is my first time entering the Little Somethings challenge, There are so many amazing entries! click the button at the bottom to check them out!  challenge theme:   Macro
Those little lashes... *sigh* wish I had lashes like that...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I heart faces.. Bright and Vivid!

I Love Love Love bright and vivid pictures! 
I have so many and it was hard to decide which one to use, but I really love this recent shot of baby claire.  Love her eyes, which needed very little touchup, they are bright blue to start with..  everything about it says bright vivid and Cute!  :) 

check out I heart faces for more vivid and Beautiful pictures! Leave comments on everyones you visit, because everyone Loves comments :)
Have a great day

In my new home studio :)

I Live in Az..  Its HOT..  so I was excited when my hubby let me get stuff to make my own home photo studio!  So even when its hot I can take pictures of the kids. other cuties around town, and its even big enough to take family pictures! :)   So I am very excited.. 

Crystal and Tyler brought their baby girl Claire over so I could torture her with my flashing camera :) 

Here are some of my Favorite shots 

Here is  SOOC   (Straight out of camera)  Shot..  poor little missy scratched her nose right before she came over,  but that shouldnt stop seeing her little beautiful face.. 

And here is the finished edit  :)   

I heart faces theme is Vibrant this week.. Might use this shot. :)
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Here are a few fun edits I did with them, I cant decide which one I like the best :)

I ordered this tie off of ebay for next to nothing, and couldnt wait to put Turtle in it.  He looked so cute! 
Here are a few of my favorites :)  

So Happy!  
Paper Heart Canera's theme this week

Tell:    He is such a Happy baby! even when I torture him with my silly Camera, I am so Thankful to have such a happy kid!
Photography love...

Smelling the fake flower  :)   I love those lashes

Kind of a reach for.. Capture.. Flower.. But it makes me smile everytime I see it


Twisted Fate photography photo challenge this week is Signs :) 

We were in florence a few days ago and while driving around I noticed they had a Brady St.  So Cute :) 
So of course we had to have our little brady pose with his street sign :) 

Check out, Simple as That for more simple everyday things that should make everyone smile :)

I love that its vintage, it looks like it could be one of my uncles when they were young :) 

Is      This      a       Sign?? 

that someday my sweet little baby boy...

will  be this Guy??,.

On the cover of some BusinessMen calendar??..  hope not..

I thought he was going to be President!  But I guess he could still be in Congress......

Check out

for more signs  :) 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Blogger is making me mad... It wont let me stay signed in so I can leave comments! I have been trying for nearly 2 weeks.. maybe its my computer, thank goodness my new one is on the way.

Ok done venting.. Here is a picture :)

Taking a beautiful little girls pictures tomorrow, I am excited!

Here is my sweet (baby) boy.


Have a Nice Day  :)