Sunday, June 12, 2011


Twisted Fate photography photo challenge this week is Signs :) 

We were in florence a few days ago and while driving around I noticed they had a Brady St.  So Cute :) 
So of course we had to have our little brady pose with his street sign :) 

Check out, Simple as That for more simple everyday things that should make everyone smile :)

I love that its vintage, it looks like it could be one of my uncles when they were young :) 

Is      This      a       Sign?? 

that someday my sweet little baby boy...

will  be this Guy??,.

On the cover of some BusinessMen calendar??..  hope not..

I thought he was going to be President!  But I guess he could still be in Congress......

Check out

for more signs  :) 

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  1. AWW! that is such a rad photo! Love his smile, he looks so happy! Thanks for linking up! :)