Monday, July 18, 2011

A few Challenges :)

I saw this picture of thought.. It needed more then just an edit..
He needed his own page! 

Here is the Original Photo.. :)

so here is my edit..  I really wanted to vintage/rustic look.. this sweet little boy looks like an old soul and I wanted that to reflect in the picture. I cropped, softened the edges, took down the color except red, brightened his eyes a bit. :)
My Reflection of Something

and here is another one I did that I love :)

The paper mama challenge this week is Black and White,
I cant help it, this is my favorite B&W shot recently..
The Paper Mama

Paper Heart Camera
I love his wrinkley nose.. while he is trying so hard to make sure His wish comes true :)
so cute I had to make a page to go with it. :)
Photography love...

I cant wait to see everyone's pictures!  :)  have a Fantastic day!


  1. So many great captures - I really like your black and white!

  2. Very fun stuff!! But my fave has to be the B & W of the little one.... who pinched that baby?! haha