Friday, July 29, 2011

Is Summer over yet!??

Its Hot..  I feel like I never go outsite anymore!  I like summer for a couple of weeks, then I cant wait for it to be over.. Its to hot to do anything..  Cant wait till it starts cooling off..  IN NOVEMBER~  Last year we had our last over 100 degrees day the beginning of Dec.. it was nuts. I am hoping it cools off sooner this year.
Time for some photo challenges :) 

LEM= White
Hollywood Glamour Glasses.. & a little spunk to go with it.
Miss G

Show off your shot! :)
This is my favorite taken from this past week.

and then, she {snapped}

Little Somethings.. Summer... I cant help but love this little face

RIley.. starts school in under 2 weeks... WOW! that seems crazy. I'm going to Cry.. Im sure he will Cry.. it will be a long first day.

The Paper Mama.. Yellow
The Paper Mama

Stay Cool  :) 


  1. Great shots! I LOVE that first one, the white shades, the colour of her top and necklace, and the background, just gorgeous!

  2. So Cute, love her shades!!

  3. I love your girl's style! And expressions :D (visiting from LEM)

  4. Love these photos and her cute shades! :) I'm so sorry about the heat! I keep telling folks up here to stop complaining about the cold weather we've been having... at least it's not 100 or more!

  5. Loving the cute sunglasses very pretty girl!!

  6. She is one stylin chickie! LOVE these all!

  7. I live in west Phoenix, so I feel your pain! It makes it so hard to get good shots if you can't even step outside for more than five minutes! I love your photos!

  8. these are all great shots! I LOVE LOVE the HOT weather.... where did summer go.... can't wait for school to start up...we will be home schooling 4 this year! let the fun begin!

  9. How'd I miss these - I love the second shot!

  10. Love, love, love that second shot! Such emotion found there.

  11. That first photo is TOO CUTE! I know a lot of my nieces and nephews are going to school too and I can't believe how big they're all getting! MY little man is only 3 and still hasn't started school yet :)

  12. All great photos! I really can't pick a favorite.

    And thanks for linking up your selective coloring shot with Color Splash Sunday! Hope you join us again soon. :)