Friday, September 30, 2011

So Excited for Fall!!!

**dance,**...  twirl..  (other way)  fall down, get back up again.. and laugh  :) 
Ahhh...  Tomorrow is the last day its suppose to be over 100 degrees!  This excites me.. dance in the kitchen worthy..  sing loudly and pretty bad while Riley tells me to be quiet! worthy :) 

Can't wait for some of my upcoming fall sessions! Fun Families I cant wait to meet,  and cooler weather! & fall festivals, and Lovely warm smells in my scentsy warmer.. if you havent smelled it yet,, 
Get  Pumpkin Marshmellow! its awesome!  :)  
if you dont have a Scentsy Rep,   click... Here     or here 

& a little fun news, My friend Heather has her own Vinyl business and I guarantee she is the best and cheapest around!  her and her hubby make amazing things, and the quality is awesome!,  she is having a giveaway today, so go check out her site   

I was feeling a little fall yesterday, so I hauled all my fun crap outside,  put turtle in his super cute overalls! and started taking pictures.. 5 mins in I was sweating!  blah!  100 degrees is Not fun for taking pictures so I gave up and came back inside..  But here are a few of the pictures I got, before I wussed out  :)

The Paper Mama

and then, she {snapped}



  1. Love these photos - fall makes a beautiful backdrop.

  2. Oh my word- I just love those! Fantastic!!

  3. OMGosh. ADORBS! (that's what all the cool kids are sayn!) lol.

  4. Beautiful photos, your boy is so handsome!