Sunday, September 18, 2011

Splish Splash!

The Paper Mama challenge is Red.. :) I love the color ones.

The Paper Mama
I got my new lens recently, I heart it :) It makes me smile. it doesnt have an auto focus, just a focus ring, so Its challenging me a little :)

Here are some of my favorite shots lately.. My little turtle take'N a bath :)

& My little Mustache man.. :)

Have a great week everyone!! :) 


  1. Your photos are fantastic! The first one is my favorite; but I love the way you've captured the splashing water. Inspiring!

  2. Love your photos! Congrats on the new lens.

  3. Love those photos! They are so cute! :D

  4. OH my heart hurts. These are SOOO fantastic! Your boys are going to drive the girls... CRAZZZY mama! You are way talented! YAY to the new lens!!

  5. I love that first one! The clarity is amazing - look at those eyelashes!

  6. Great photo with the cup, it's so clear. I also love the mustache shots.

  7. I am loving these pictures. Its so cute and adorable photos.

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