Friday, October 14, 2011

What I love...

I started this little business because I had to quit my job, and money is super tight, and I was determined to have a nice Christmas and not to miss out on all the family fun stuff along the way...festivals, christmas lights, seeing santa, family dinners and just being together!

But Crazy Daisy Pictures... it means so much more now... 

 I love how excited people get when they see how Beautiful they are!  The confidence, and that bit a sparkle shines through when they love how they look in a picture.. or, they see how amazingly adorable their cute kiddo is..  I love seeing people comfortable with every part of them,  It makes me so happy when I see facebook profile pics change to pictures I took,  pictures they Love and pictures that bring out their true beauty inside and out! :) 
Thats what means the most to me.. 
Since I decided to stay home with my kiddos.. I dont have to get "ready".. make that effort like I used to when I used to go to work.. & I miss that, I miss that feeling of confidence and loving who I am. But I know that seeing a picture of me.. Looking like "Me" or looking my best .. makes me happy and I wanted to give that feeling to everyone! So Thats what the Beautiful You shoot was all about. :) I am hoping to do another one the end of Jan.. :) Let me know if its something you would like to do :)

  I really Love my new job! I love meeting amazing families! & its hard work getting those kiddos to smile and be themselves .. but its worth it..   I havent however embraced this stay at home mom thing like I should.. Im working on it,  and I know everyday gets a bit easier.. and even those tough days seem to go a bit smoother now. 

Here are a few of the beautiful women I got to hang out with this past weekend.  I havent laughed so hard in Months! We had a great time!

Emily's Maternity shoot  :)  there are sooo many good ones and if you would like more samples email me :)   they turned out beautiful!

Thank you Ladies for allowing me to share these photo's  :)    Your the best!

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