Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gett'n back into the groove of things!

Its no secret I have been.. Not myself lately, with all this silly health crap.. I havent been motivated to do what I love.. which makes me a bit sad.

But I am jumping back into it!.
Starting to take photo sessions again, and eventhough I know I have to carry this dumb kidney drainage bag along side of me at every shoot. :( It makes me feel.. bad and self conscience, and I just want to hide.. but I cant.. I cant hide for the next 22 weeks!

I am sad I cant get on the ground anymore to take pictures of beautiful babies and kiddos, those are truely some of my favorite shots, But, I have an oppurtunity to branch out, and be more creative with what I have to to work with. :)

I have 2 weddings in the near future! :) babies, and framilies and kiddos and I am excited...

Here are a few of my little sweet pea.. He is nearly 2 years old. and it makes me sad to think about how fast he went and grew up on me..

This.. is my favorite.. one of my favorite things in the whole world! Turtles button.. well actually I call it My Button! and when he walks by with his toddler belly hanging out, I love to pinch it a bit, and he just giggles. :) Its the little things, that matter the most,

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  1. Well it sounds like even though you may not have as much energy, you're still in good spirits. :)