Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't miss it.. they grow up so fast

It's like an addiction..

Taking pictures..

Good thing I have some pretty awesome little boys to be my models when its 112 degrees outside.

He LOVES Mischief, and trying to do whatever his brother does

This kid is starting to become.. the "selective hearer" of the family...

He is a silly & he knows it

He is 100% Mama's Boy & I Love it! 
I wouldnt trade him for for World!

Make sure to take pictures of your kiddos every week!.  If you need those beautiful pictures for your walls, gifts for your family or photobooks for your in-laws, I'm your girl! :)  I'll have you covered, 
Kids grow up so fast!  Dont miss it  :) 

So get to snap'n away ladies! 

1 comment:

  1. Casey - these pictures are amazing and beautiful - you have captured everything that is sweet, pure and angelic in a child.
    Perfect love.