Friday, August 24, 2012

I Heart my Family :)

First picture of my family with our new little squish.. and his little frog legs hanging out :) Granted it was 115 degrees when this photo was taken, It was in the middle of the day and I had to bribe and beg for the boys to even come outside :) but its worth it and one day they will think so too.
First picture of me and my sweet little Colby. :) He is a fuss and a snuggler,.. so the snuggler outwieghs the fuss most of the time.
MY family was out to visit last week! I miss them already! I had a mini shoot with my little sis samantha, here are a few from her session :)
Then Yesterday I took Turtley out for a mini shoot to test out new locations! New location, looks awesome.. *downfall*.. ants bit my toes! ouch! hmm.. wonder what I can do about that?... Here are a few from my Mini Me's session :)
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