Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ladies Only Mini sessions!! :)

March 23rd!!

Ladies Only Mini Sessions!!.

Pay what you can Minis :)

4-6 beautifully edited images emailed to you!!

with copyrights, and the option to order professional prints at a discounted price

Min $10 Dontation Per person.. every face counts lol

This is a little fundraiser to help my family pay off some medical bills and hopefully take a few days get away we have been needing for years! I know money is tight all over, but if you can afford more please do and remember lots of time and attention goes into each picture to make it perfect just for you! :)

Bring your Moms, Sisters, grandmothers, Aunts, Friends, Daughters ect.

You can have 2- of your images be combined images with friends or family Ladies only day!

Ideas for your sessions:

Do you sell something and need sample pictures?

Do you need a new profile picture?

Use them however you want to!

Do you have a new outfit or haircut you just have to show off?

Have you Not had your picture taken professionally? or in years!

Remember its SOOO important for moms to be in pictures too! Your children and their children want to always remember how beautiful you are years and years from now!

Duaghters birthday invitations?.

Mother daughter shots?

Generations pictures

but remember each beautiful face is at least $10 :)

you can do.. Funky shots, giltter blowing shots, sexy shots, sporty shots, creative or basic beautiful shots.

True beauty, . Get on pintrest, find poses or idea,, print them out and bring them to me! Lets re-create them!

Everone gets 10 mins,

Pictures will be at Power Ranch Park Lots or parking and little area to take beautiful pictures!

If you have any questions let me know.. the times are easy..

Starting at 4pm. or a few mins before.. will be shooting until 630pm. or so.

so if you are planning on going.. for sure. Email me with an approx time you will be there,.

and I will put you down.


Power Ranch Park

4546 E Haven Crst

Feel free to email me with ideas, or thoughts. or questions :)

This will just be a fun girls day, be who you are, or whoever you want to be and lets make it fun!! :)

I cant wait to see all you beautiful ladies!!

Casey!  :)  
email me at 
 or find me on facebook!