Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back in Business!

I admit its been quite awhile since I've been a full time photographer.  Having 4 kids, 2 of which were in a short period of time limits me. Right now my 2 youngest are complete mischief makers. They run me ragged from dawn until an hour after their bedtime. My oldest is in 4th grade this year and homework is getting rough. My 2nd started kindergarten this year.  He is very emotional about everything. I forgot about this 5 year old stage.  I am excited to have a full time photography studio now! It gives me the room and freedom to be creative, it also lets me work from home more often. Its nearly impossible to find a babysitter for 4 children these days.

I cant wait to do all kinds of sessions in my new studio!  Its not complete yet, but its a work in progress, here is a quick pic of whats done and ready so far.
Here are a couple of quick pics I took,  My daughter does boutique modeling so we are lucky to be able to try new things on a regular basis. 

 My son Colby wanted to take pictures, but my little Princess wanted him to get out of her spotlight  :)   

Booking NOW for fall and holiday sessions!   I will be doing, Fall, Halloween and Christmas Mini sessions this year!! 

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